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About Us

Making the cut since 2018, we offer 5 star tree service for commercial or residential properties of any size.

Meet the Owner

Daniel Santiago has been in the tree service industry since he was a child. He learned about the business from his father and his passion for it grew. It continues to be a family business. Daniel took a break from the tree industry to serve in the Army for 10 years. He served in three combat tours before honorable discharge in 2010. Since then, Daniel wants to provide service to his community and give back to the local youth. 

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What We Do

Knowing which trees should come out, and when, helps your yard be healthy and vibrant. If and when you decide to remove a tree, we can use the heavy machinery to make sure no damage happens to other trees, fences, or your building structures. If you have a tall, old-growth tree that has reached the end of its life, we must take every precaution to make sure the removal is clean and safe.
We are committed to providing every customer. We offer every customer fair and reasonable pricing. Every task we handle for you in your outdoor spaces is one more thing you can cross off your to-do list. We know how busy you get. Our estimates are always accurate, and we never add anything on unless we’ve already discussed it because you requested it. With service that goes above and beyond. From flexible hours and all season availability, we’re happy to handle anything you throw our way. 

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